the time I was really scard

it was my first time ever going to six flags I walked in the entrance of six flags I felt really nervos I told my ant how long are we going to be here she said until the sun gos down my ant and i step in line when it was are turn we put are value stuff in a tray after they ceat us for weapons and then they let us though when i saul the biggest rooler coaster i ever seen my ant sayed come on lets ride mrs.freez  i asked witch one is that my ant pointed at what i thawt was the biggest rooler coster i ever seen so me and my ant wanted to ride as soon as we got on mrs.freez my stumick started to fell like i had a stummick bug my ant looked at me and said whats amater  i said my stumick herts  my ant said just breath as soon as my ant said tat the roler coster shot like a bult  as soon as i opened my eye`s we were already at the stashen

2 thoughts on “the time I was really scard

  1. I’ve had a similar experience but i went to the fair and i went on the circle one and i wasn’t buckled up and i needed help but no body helped so i help on tight but when we went upside down i fell and i almost broke my legs and my arm i think i only had to get stitches.

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